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At Precious Carpet Cleaning and Power Washing Services LLC we take care of your home with premium work that every one should take advantage of. For the last twenty years, the team has worked for our community so that homeowners and business owners can live and work in an area that is free of dust, allergies and dirt. As homeowners ourselves, we understand that your carpets and furniture, after years of being sat on and walked on, are bound to get a little dirty. From drink and food spills to little ones tracking in mud from the outside, multiple people have exercised your carpets after years of living in your home. The good news is that you don’t have to deal with a dirty and stain-ridden carpet for very long. With our quality carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, we will ensure that all stains are removed and that the dust and dirt hiding in your carpets is all taken care of. Precious Carpet Cleaning and Power Washing Services LLC wants to make sure you are being taken care of properly and effectively, which is why we have a trained and experienced group of cleaners who will do the best work possible in your homes.
The team here at Precious Carpet Cleaning and Power Washing Services LLC is all ready to take care of you when you are in need of our services. We want to be the first carpet cleaners you call when you finally want to take care of those pesky stains that have been bothering you for so long. If you have any questions for us or would like some more insight on the services we offer, please contact us today and we would love to get started in your homes!

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